Reserve Funds for Leasehold Blocks – Statutory Intervention Required?

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Instead of insisting that landlords undertake impractical assessments of a leaseholder’s ability to pay, let’s remove the legal roadblocks so landlords can start putting sensible rolling reserve plans in place. Let’s educate the public about the dire financial implications of pushing works into the future. Give leaseholders all the data they need at the start

JFM Achieves Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) Accreditation

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JFM Block & Estate Management have achieved accreditation by the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP). For us, this is a major milestone. Our stance on developer relationships and a refusal to work for freeholder-investor landlords has struck a chord with the organisation. Overseen by campaigner, Sebastian O’Kelly, LKP are the only charity in the country that

Why ARMA matters – but not that much

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As a Block Manager, I am fond of ARMA. It is an organisation that, on the whole, has stood up for the interests of managing agents in a challenging industry. ARMA promotes good practice and does, to some extent, raise the bar for those involved with the management of blocks of flats. The well-attended ARMA

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