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Meet Some of the Team

These are just some of our people who you’re most likely to liaise with on a day-to-day basis.

James Farrar
James FarrarBSc (Hons) MIRPM AssocRICS

Joint Managing Partner

James graduated from the University of Surrey with a degree in Mathematics before falling into Property Management quite by accident.

Eleven years spent across five prominent London-based managing agents led to him teaming up with his friend and colleague, Joe, to launch JFM in 2015. James is now responsible for finance & operations for the company. He was named in 2016 and 2018 as one of the top 100 most influential people in the leasehold sector.

James is married to a Swedish lady and has a teenage son and young daughter. He loves skiing and is hopeless at learning Swedish.

Joe Mallon
Joe MallonBA (Hons) FIRPM AssocRICS

Joint Managing Partner

Joe graduated in History & Philosophy from Reading University. Working initially for his family’s construction firm in his native North London, he spent eight years rising up the ranks at two large managing agents in London. Five years spent working alongside James allowed the pair to realise their friendship, work ethic, shared values and ideas were the basis for a fantastic chance to do something extraordinary in the industry. And so it became.

Joe is responsible for new business and HR for JFM. He was also named in 2016 and 2018 as one of the top 100 most influential people in the leasehold sector. Joe is an excellent singer and guitarist – he bundled the band off stage at James’ wedding and did an amazing Oasis selection (we think!).

Jake Maude-Roxby BA (Hons) MIRPM AssocRICS
Jake Maude-Roxby BA (Hons) MIRPM AssocRICSHead of Property Management
Jake joined JFM at the start of 2020. He knew both James and Joe from working together (all in the same team of four no less!) ten years prior. In the intervening years Jake occupied increasingly senior positions across several managing agents. Circumstances and timing reunited the trio and now everyone at JFM has to contend with trying not to trip over their tongues getting the names of Jake, Joe and James correct!

The acquisition of Jake was a major step forward for JFM and we’re delighted and excited to have him with us. His well-rounded 15 years’ experience in the industry, combined with his intelligence, puts him unquestionably amongst the best leasehold technicians in the sector. His football team allegiance (Tottenham) is a slight stain on his rep. but nobody’s perfect, right?

Simon Edwards BA (Hons) MIRPM AssocRICS
Simon Edwards BA (Hons) MIRPM AssocRICSSenior Property Manager
Simon was once a geography teacher – in fact by chance we have one of his old students (Zac) now working alongside him! He met James & Joe while working for a firm of chartered surveyors in North London and when the chance arose they grabbed the opportunity to secure his services.

Simon proved their faith was right by winning ‘London Property Manager of the Year’ in 2018. Simon’s technical ability and strong strategic planning sets him apart. He’s well-liked and respected by clients and peers alike. He’s still practicing on keeping his workspace neat and tidy.

Zoe Buckmaster
Zoe BuckmasterProperty Manager
Zoe started off life with JFM in the admin team. She proved herself quickly to be very thoughtful and conscientious. Zoe was intrigued by the conversations she heard the property managers around her having and then moved seamlessly into her current role. Zoe’s mature, considered, and common sense approach to her job has put her on the path to success.

Zoe can be seen online if you’re so inclined since there’s an amusing clip of herself and her husband caught in bed on the Michael McIntyre show!

Vivian Emanuel BSc (Hons) AIRPM
Vivian Emanuel BSc (Hons) AIRPMProperty Manager
Vivian was the first graduate from JFM’s custom internal property manager training programme. He’s also a building surveying graduate, albeit not such a recent one. He subsequently was one of our first people to gain his AIRPM qualification with JFM and is expected shortly to attain his MIRPM qualification. He’s our longest-serving employee.

Our ‘Mr Nice’ is well-liked, builds excellent relationships with his clients, and delivers brilliant customer service with a smile. When he’s not making customers happier, he’ll be found teasing his colleagues.

Rizwan Valiji LLB (Hons) AIRPM
Rizwan Valiji LLB (Hons) AIRPMProperty Manager
Rizwan is another who learned the basics of his profession in our admin team. Upon making the transition to becoming a property manager, his skill-set came to the fore even more. His incredible determination and drive and academic background in law means he thrives on the technically challenging World of leasehold legislation and case-law.

Rizwan became AIRPM qualified swiftly upon joining JFM and is already studying towards his MIRPM. His clients love him and so do we. He’s a gym fanatic and when not diligently putting in the hours to keep his blocks/estates in tip-top-shape, he’ll be shoulder-pressing the odd 100kg to keep his mind in top condition too.

Ruvina Sekhon MIRPM
Ruvina Sekhon MIRPMProperty Manager
Ruvina just ‘gets’ property management. She balances technical know-how with brilliant instincts for what is required to resolve complex problems. She applies her 11 years’ experience and her MIRPM qualification expertly, and her clients can’t praise enough for her “getting stuck into the thick of it” way of working.

Ruvina’s an asset to the Company and loves the social science behind delivering a good service in the eyes of her customers. At work she’s continually striving for ways to improve processes, while away from work she volunteers for the mental health charity, Mencap. You are fortunate indeed if Ruvina manages your building!

Emma Collins MIRPM
Emma Collins MIRPMProperty Manager
Emma joined us after a personal referral from a trusted associate and she’s living up to the hype. She started in the sector in 2006 and after a four year career pause to raise her two young boys, she’s back with a bang having been awarded some of JFM’s most prestigious clients to look after.

Emma’s calm, composed, and assured demeanour enables her to employ her management techniques with a level of sophistication that instils respect and confidence in her customers. Emma loves her 90s pop music and allegedly is a bit of a karaoke star (at home at least!).

Rebecca Kent MIRPM
Rebecca Kent MIRPMProperty Manager
Rebecca was a past colleague of Emma’s and this was how we were lucky enough to acquire her services. Rebecca joined the team at the start of 2020 already a full member of the IRPM and 8 years’ experience in the industry including some time in commercial facilities management. It’s evident she uses her initiative and charm to great effect and we already have no doubt that she’s been yet another excellent acquisition for the team.

Aside from being our ‘threesies’ lady (tea and biscuits at 3pm!), we’re reliably informed she’s a rapper not a singer and likes her fresh white Nikes!

Kathrin Digwa IHK
Kathrin Digwa IHKAdmin Team Leader
Kathrin joined JFM on an internship from Germany in 2017. Primarily having joined to spend some time in London developing her (already fluent) English, she very quickly demonstrated that she had special qualities.

From being the best intern ever, to securing a position in our admin team, she went on to be promoted to senior administrator before, in 2019, becoming the admin team leader. Her development is no surprise to us anymore.

Slowly transforming into our British “Cathy Digwell”, she’s a vital cog in the company and is hugely respected by all who work with her. Somehow she manages a very active and sporty social life and counts boxing and horse-riding among her many talents. Formidable in more ways than one…

Georgina Hersee BA (Hons)
Georgina Hersee BA (Hons)Property Management Administrator
Georgina joined us an already proven excellent administrator. Her efficiency is frightening – she takes deadlines and makes a mockery of them. All the property managers value her speed and accuracy in doing all those many tasks every day which are essential for keeping our clients’ buildings running smoothly. She credits her degree in equine (horse) studies…(?!)

She’s a popular, outgoing member of the team and keeps the office on their toes with her eclectic taste in television programmes. And, yes – you may have guessed – she’s a keen and able equestrian (horse-rider).

Zac Miller
Zac MillerProperty Management Administrator
Zac came to us after working for a large firm of solicitors for a number of years and fit the firm like a glove. His care and attention to detail is superb, and if there’s one person at JFM to hope answers the phone to you when feeling a little down, it’s Zac. His style of customer service and his desire to please our customers is infectious and a great strength to the team.

Zac complements both the admin team and the company as a whole by his likeability and easy-going nature. He loves his sport, music, and attending gigs, and has his hair cut every two weeks!

Lisa Farrar
Lisa FarrarProperty Management Administrator
Got to be careful here… Lisa is James’ fabulous Swedish wife! Lisa started supplementing the admin team on a part-time basis at the start of 2019. She is extremely driven in everything she does and is somewhat of a perfectionist, even when it comes to the simplest things. This naturally stands her in good stead to get through tasks for her team with great efficiency and accuracy.

Lisa thinks she was born in the wrong era and is in love with 1920s music, dance and dress. She’s a keen competitor and a very bad loser. Luckily it doesn’t happen often, although there was that time that she walked out of the bowling alley on a first date with James…

Aaron Brooks
Aaron BrooksProperty Management Administrator
As if our administration team wasn’t already probably the strongest in the industry, we went and added Aaron to our ranks! Aaron came from five years spent in corporate insolvency so he was already well-schooled in many over-lapping bits and pieces with the leasehold sector. This head-start, coupled with an obvious steely determination to be a success allowed him to become a super-valued member of JFM in no time at all. We expect big things from Aaron in the future.

Being one of 6 (!) siblings, Aaron used to help his mum bake treats to escape the craziness around the house. He now uses his baking skills to relax in his free time. And lucky for him he has a number of eager beavers at work who are always happy to support his hobby…

Hassan Syed MAAT AATQB
Hassan Syed MAAT AATQBClient Accountant
Hassan has been with JFM since day one and consequently has been an essential component in JFM’s success. He has a very good knowledge of service charge accounting and takes responsibility for the majority of the many daily, weekly and monthly processes required for efficient service charge client-accounting.

Hassan is a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and finds enough time to study towards his ACCA qualification, as well as his AIRPM. No wonder our customers’ financial records are kept in such good order. Shame he supports Chelsea…

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