Is your block or estate in need of a change?

What makes JFM Block & Estate Management one of the highest-rated block management firms in the country?

Well, we’re honest about what really gets results.

Forget the Gimmicks – it’s All About People

We’ll be frank – finding something (that one thing?) in block & estate management that sets you miles apart from the competition is almost impossible. If anyone says anything different, take it from us – it’s likely to be just a gimmick and in practice will not amount to a tangible difference in the service.

So, how are we different?

Well, we guess we have settled on not being radically different. Instead we’ve set out to do the basics better than anyone. And you do that with great people.

JFM provide the best possible people to our customers and we empower our staff so that we can have the greatest chance of meeting your challenges.

We deliver solutions with intelligent individuals who are more customer-centric, more empathetic, and every week are striving to be better than the last. It’s the team spirit, the continual training and assessment, the regular and frequent portfolio reviews, the small portfolio sizes, and the innovative thinking that sets us apart.

These things are hard to package-up into a shiny product, but we think our online review scores and overall client happiness levels speak for themselves – not to mention our huge success in picking up 15 national awards between 2018 and 2023.


Great People work with Great Systems & Tools

We empower our staff by creating an environment which allows them to deliver the fundamentals of good property management. Our staff know they have to achieve a number of specified critical tasks to the highest possible standards. It’s then up to them to deliver everything else by working with key decision makers in your block or estate.

What are the key systems and tools that help them deliver this service?

Each property manager at JFM is aware that he or she is tracked against strict KPIs (key performance indicators) in critical areas. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Draft budgets to clients – well in advance of year-end
  • Draft accounts served on owners – ahead of best practice deadlines
  • Inspection reports – actioned within 7 days
  • Emails – responded to within 2 working days
  • Telephone messages – returned within 24 hours (or same working day)

It is key. So we will have your property manager visit your block or estate at regular intervals (typically once a month, but sometimes more often, as agreed with you).

We promote face-to-face contact – not only with key decision-makes and homeowners, but all residents whenever possible, so that strong relationships are formed. After all, this is well and truly a people business.

We use specialist inspection software to ensure that all issues arising are photographed, documented and actioned within 7 days, Naturally urgent matters are dealt with more or less immediately.

Taking your block or estate’s most crucial details and processing them through our specialist property management software at the start of a contract is essential. There really is no excuse for getting this wrong, but yet amazingly some firms do! Get it right, and the automatic regular processes will follow without a hitch. Therefore, the analysis of your leases and a thorough review of the property is given paramount importance.

In a post-Grenfell world, the management of blocks of flats quite rightly comes with a greater degree of responsibility for fire safety.

We use tracking software in order to be able to keep an eye on each and every action arising from your annual risk assessment.

We use this data, on a weekly basis, to dedicate resources to those who have particularly challenging problems. This way we make sure your building is as safe as practically possible.

Rightly so, customers now want to manage their service charge affairs online. We totally understand this need and get that you don’t want to have to call us every time you need a statement or other important document.

That’s why we’ve ensured we have a fully functional online portal area, bespoke to each development we manage. You can download service charge statements and insurance documents in a few seconds while keeping on top of your payments. You can also track site news via the ‘announcements’ section. All customers get a unique password and Directors get access to confidential site information such as arrears reports.

A Proven Track Record

We’re passionate about our people and we know our systems and tools are top notch. But don’t just take our word for it.

Our customers are willing to vouch for us, the industry press has recognised our abilities, and we’ve been a storming success at national awards in the sector.

Our record of industry accolades speaks for itself:

Add to the above the fact that JFM among the best online review scores of any specialist managing agent in the country and you can see why people are so eager to come to us.

Indicative Quote & Free Inspection

It will take just 5-10 minutes on the phone for us to run through key details about your building so we can produce an indicative quote for you. You can use this as a rough guide to see if we are a good match for your building. If we are competitive, you’ll be entitled to a free site inspection.

As part of an inspection we will undertake a detailed review of your block/estate which we use to produce a full fee proposal. Simply enter your details below for more information.





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