Testimonials from happy customers

“JFM has done a really good job of working with our RMC to pick up the management of our apartment buildings and estate, at very short notice. They were quick to engage, have consistently put in the effort to get to know us, to understand our specific requirements and our priorities, all whilst on-boarding their own team and systems.”

“I really appreciate their professionalism, their commitment to making the working relationship successful and smooth, and their calm approach to managing tricky situations. In particular, Sally has been really great – pro-active and committed, whilst always listening to our priorities. Joe and the team have made an effort to ensure a difficult on-boarding has been managed smoothly. I would recommend JFM without hesitation.”

Simon Stokes

262 Flats in Battersea

“This team are just the next level! I have been working with them for well over a year now and could not recommend them all highly enough. So refreshing in such a tough space.”

Owen Wyatt
RTM Company Director

Noble House RTM Company Limited
Mixed-use development of 17 units, Chiswick

“Since their appointment in October 2016, JFM have been a safe pair of hands for us, something we so critically needed after being mismanaged for years.”

“They target every aspect of our management needs with high professionalism and listen to feedback.

Finally, we are going places.”

Marielle Yap Le May

Woodside Park Management Company Limited
Estate of 56 apartments in Finchley, North London

“JFM came to us at a very dark and troubling period as an RTM, having experienced two very nefarious managing agents over 5 years, we thought this was what we can expect of the industry as a whole.”

“JFM have completely changed our view after they turned around the management of the building and all of the fundamental mistakes left by their predecessors resolved in the most innovative and knowledgeable ways. We are now in good stead to improve the future of every residents’ investment and quality of life.”

Avichayil Geller

Wilmington Close RTM Company Limited
Mixed-use building of 153 units in Watford, Hertfordshire

“JFM replaced an agent who had been in place for many years but did not have the necessary expertise to advise us on major works necessary. They have been excellent replacements with prompt and efficient service”

“They have worked well with our existing staff  and have dealt with all issues with an expertise we were previously missing.


N Pike,
Director of Freehold Management Company

Scotts Sufferance Wharf Limited • Mixed-use building of 100 units in London, SE1

“JFM are a brilliant company – in the 12 years we have lived here, for the first time, our apartments are being managed and cared for.”

“The staff are polite and responsive.  Finances are clear and transparent.  Our Estate Manager is available to residents, answers questions and we can see progress being made.   JFM are leagues above the last two managing agents we have endured.  Don’t hesitate!”

Anna Prince

141 units at Princes Riverside, SE16

“They are efficient and courteous and are constantly in contact with us to inform us of issues and progress regarding the estate.  No issue is ever too small and they have an excellent team to deal with emergencies too.”

“I am part of a management committee of an estate in North West London.  Having had a previous bad experience with a Management company I was apprehensive as to how JFM were going to work with us.  However I have been overwhelmingly pleased with how JFM have worked hard to bring our Estate to order. I would highly recommend JFM, with special recommendation to James and Vivian. Keep up the excellent work!”

Shan Herath

Balmoral Place (Wembley Park) Management Limited
24 leasehold flats in Wembley

“We are an over 55 age group retirement complex. We moved to JFM nearly 2 years ago. They have worked with us to develop a management service that reflects the needs of our residents.”

“Our residents are treated as individuals and are supported by our on site manager and area manager. They are working with us to upgrade the property something that was not always done by previous companies.”

Barry Canterford

Portland Mutual Housing
26 leasehold apartments for over 55s

“JFM have been like a breath of fresh since our last Managing Agents were sacked/resigned!”

“Our JFM personal estate manager (144 properties) is always responsive, extremely knowledgeable and is cost aware.

We could not be happier.”

Dai Taylor

141 units at Princes Riverside, SE16

“We went through a competitive process to find these guys in order to replace old managing agents who had become slow and complacent and they have not disappointed. ”

“The development now looks loved and welcoming.

They just seem to be able to get the simple things that other managing agents found difficult actioned, which is what it is all about.”

Peter Cranmer

Garrick Hendon Management Company Ltd
120 freehold and leasehold properties in London, NW9

“JFM regularly update the management committee on the actions they are taking and seek our opinions on issues regarding changes to costs, charges and services.”

“I sit on the management committee of my residential estate in North West London. It is a private block of flats.

We have been working with JFM for nearly three years now and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking an estate management company. They are highly organised, very engaged and responsive and a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend James Farrar and all of his team at JFM.”

Mark Sabah

RMC in London, HA9

“As a director of four enfranchised blocks of flats in Hertfordshire have worked with several managing agents.”

I have found JFM to be better than the others by a long way, especially as I can pick up the phone and talk to the man at the top if needed.

We are assigned a property manager who is the best I have seen.

With his help we are bringing the properties up to scratch. Well done JFM.”

Ian G

“JFM the company that will look after your property like it is their own. It took us 8 years and 4 different management companies before we’ve found them.”

“The difference is like night and day. They have the best staff you can wish for, professional, friendly, dedicated, passionate, thoughtful, and going the extra mile.

Recently our property manager Vivian had to face a big one after there was a fire in a neighbouring block of flats. People lost access to water and some lost electricity too. The company that was supposed to care for the block has not been interested because it happened late on Friday. Then JFM stepped in and only because of the hard work during the weekend and Vivian’s commitment all was sorted quickly and painlessly. That was a first time management company showed us and others how it is done.

We are lucky to have RTM and therefore can choose who we work with. Finding JFM was a milestone. I am looking forward to many years of working with them.”

Bartlomiej Radomski

102 Flats in Bedford

“I am on the Board of a modern residential building in Bromley, Kent, which has 57 apartments.”

“Two years ago, JFM, like the cavalry, rescued us from the clutches of a bad managing agent and like a breath of fresh air, dealt with the challenges they inherited, in an efficient and timely fashion.

James and Simon and their team at JFM are knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, ACCESSIBLE ( something the other lot lacked in spades!)

I have no hesitation in recommending JFM as managing agents as they set the template for their industry.”

David Shah

Resident Management Company, Bromley, Kent

Our customers love us for our personable, knowledgeable and professional service.

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