What is Section 20 Consultation?

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Section 20 consultation is essentially protection for leaseholders so that landlords cannot recover more than a stipulated threshold of service charge monies from an individual without following a certain process. ARMA’s advice booklet explains in more detail. If you want to have the ‘short version’ explained to you (more than understandable!) then feel free to

How should I deal with anti-social behaviour?

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This is another tricky one, and of course there are many behaviours which can be construed as ‘anti-social’. The best port of call in the first instance is ARMA’s advice leaflet on the subject. If you want to talk things through further or ask for advice on something specifically then please get in touch.

Do I have damp or condensation and what can I do about it?

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Many people suspect they have penetrative or rising damp when in fact what they’re experiencing is condensation. Problems with condensation are rife throughout blocks of flats across the Country. The causes are many and varied and eradicating the issue altogether is nigh on impossible. This advice note provided by ARMA can help you determine what

How can I be sure that the funds you hold on my behalf are safe?

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The funds we hold on your behalf still belong to you and consequently are held on trust in accordance with Section 42 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987. We can only use the money we hold on your management company’s / landlord’s behalf to pay for things in connection to your block/estate and which

Do you make a profit from my service charge?

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No, to us it does not matter whether you pay service charges of £10 a year or £100,000 a year. We get paid a flat fee per unit/flat for the management of your block/estate. How much we get paid per unit depends on many factors which contribute towards the overall level of complexity or amount

How do I contact the directors of my management company?

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Since the role of a management company director is nearly always a voluntary one, we cannot pass on directors’ contact details without asking their permission first. We are, after all, employed to take the bulk of all the work in running your management company away from them. It is usually best to contact us for

How do I become a director of my management company?

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If you want to become a director, attending the Annual General Meeting is often a good first step. If this is not scheduled for a long while though just drop us an email to express your interest and we will advise of how to learn more for your block/estate specifically.

What can I do about my noisy neighbours?

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This can be a difficult situation to resolve. Most of the time the best way to approach the problem is to have a friendly word and ensure they’re aware of the issue. We can advise further if you get in touch but this advice sheet has been put together by ARMA (Association of Residential Managing

Can I make alterations to my flat?

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The rules governing this should be laid out in your lease, and it depends on what types of alterations you’re looking to make. Either refer to your lease or get in touch and we’ll advise of the steps that may need to be taken.

Can I keep pets in my flat?

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The answer depends on what your lease says. It is likely that pets are prohibited, or you need to apply for permission before keeping one in your flat. Either refer to your lease or get in touch and ask us. If we’re just talking about goldfish, there’s probably no need.