Firstly, we operate to a minimum annual management fee of £6,500 plus VAT, irrespective of size of the block/estate. We do not have a rigid fee structure. We usually assess, to the best of our ability, each individual block/estate’s needs, along with the individual requirements of the board of directors. We factor in location, age of building, lease restrictions/complexity, and any other matters we perceive to be relevant before setting a flat cost per unit, in line with the RICS Code of Practice.

Aside from the flat-rate per unit for the standard management fee, we have separate charges for overseeing major works and for serving section 20 consultation. A price-list of additional services is available upon request, but these are mainly applicable to individuals in respect to buying and selling their properties. What we can assure you of is there will never be surprises regarding the figure shown next to the heading of ‘management fees’ in the service charge accounts at the end of each year since we do not charge our clients anything extra without express consent from the management company / landlord.